Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chicken Roll-ups

Ok, this is my "go to" recipe if I'm in a pinch because usually I have this stuff on hands. Sorry again about no exact measurements. Blame my mom... she taught me to cook! Super easy though even without them.

1-2 BIG chicken breasts (BOILED and diced little. Sometimes I cheat and just buy a whole chicken at Sam's, use what I think is necessary and save the rest for enchilada's or something else.) Or I boil 4-5 chicken tenders.

8 oz. Cream Cheese brick
Bread crumbs (use store bought or if I have them I break up croutons which is my favorite way to do these)
1/2 can olives (more if you love olives)- diced
Green onions- diced tiny
Crescent rolls refridgerated- This makes as much as 4 packages of crescent rolls or as little as 2. It depends on the size you want them. I usually stuff mine pretty full so I get about 2 packages out of them.
2 TBSP of butter or margarine

To Prepare:
Boil Chicken and dice. (I like mine very fine, so I use my food processer to almost mince the chicken.
Once chicken is diced, put it in a bowl and combine it with 8 oz. of cream cheese (use hand mixer). Add diced onions, black olives and mix.
Open the crescent rolls and spoon in to each triangle a spoonful and fold and roll.
After all the crescent rolls are filled melt butter in microwave completely. Roll the crescent rolls in the butter then put in the bread crumbs and cover completely. Once they are all covered in butter and bread crumbs, BAKE AT 350 for 12-20 minutes. They should be golden brown and the bread crumbs should be crispy but not dark.

Sauce to put over it= Yummy and EASY!
1 can of cream of chicken soup
Put in a sauce pan on the stove on medium. Put in cream of chicken and add milk while stirring until desired thickness until heated through.

~Again, I never measure but I just stir in milk until the gravy to put on top looks milky and smooth but NOT runny. I hope you all enjoy! I know I can be a little confusing so if you have questions I will try to answer.

*Also, this recipe is VERY easy to tweak and make your own. I gave it to one friend who added bacon. I tried it and didn't love it, but you see what I mean, do your own thing. It is also very easy to make for a large group. Just add more chicken and more cream cheese and crescent rolls and it is super easy to make for more people. Plus it is also a GREAT leftover food. We actually like it for left overs almost as much as for dinner.

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