Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicken Wraps

Easy Peasy pretty healthy Chicken Wraps, another that the boys helped me come up with. This serves 4, I'll make a couple extra for anyone who wants seconds or just to keep in the fridge for lunch the next day. Wrap leftovers in wax paper and foil.

I stock my refrigerator with shredded cheese (store bought shreds are covered in anti-caking ingredients that just suck the flavor right out), cooked chicken breasts, usually grilled, shredded or chopped veggies; zuchini, carrots, red, green peppers, etc.. and bacon.

-5 or 6 Large Tortilla's preferably hand made (they won't tear), warmed in micro or oven
-2 bl/sl Chicken breasts, sliced or chunked thinly into bite sized pieces. Can be pregrilled and used cold,
-Bacon, precooked to a crisp. Experiment with maple flavored, yum, yum!!
-Romain Lettuce Leaves, leave whole
-Grated Zuchini and Carrots, mixed together
-1 Avacado, sliced thin
-Frank's Red Hot for Buffalo Wings, just a dab'l do ya
-Ranch Dressing
-(optional) Shredded Monterrey Jack

-Take your warmed tortilla, add your cheese if doing so. About 1 tbsp down the center.

-Next take your large romain leaf

-Add your chicken slices, avacado, shredded veg (about 1 tbsp) and top with 1 1/2 slices of bacon torn up into 3 pcs.

-Run a thin stripe of Frank's Wing Sauce down the center and top with the ranch, it's a great combo.

-Fold bottom up, and fold left side over, tucking under filling, roll tight!

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