Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crunchy Asian Salad

Every time my Mother-In-Law comes to town, she calls ahead to remind me to get the fixin’s for 2 of my salads. This is one of them – and it’s a recipe that everyone has.
Crunchy Asian Salad
1 envelope Good Seasonings Italian salad dressing mix (dry)
½ c sugar
2 T soy sauce
2 pkg ramen noodles
1 head of cabbage (you can use 2 pkgs coleslaw blend)
Green onions a bunch
½ c sunflower seeds
½ c sliced almonds

Prepare dressing as directed on package. Stir in sugar and soy sauce. Break (dry) noodles apart (discard seasoning packets) add cabbage, onions, ramen and dressing. Let chill in fridge for at least an hour. I usually add the ramen about ½ hour after the rest of the salad – and I don’t add the sunflower seeds or almonds until I serve it.

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