Monday, May 18, 2009

Kids Fav Cheese Quesadillas

Even the name is simple. I hope you all don't think I am crazy for posting this - b/c it is so obvious, but I swear - everytime I make these with another adult in the room - they are surprised that they never thought about doing this way and at how much of a difference this process makes in taste.
I babysit a friends son, Mason every Monday. When his Mom came over to pick him up, the kids were just finishing up these nummies. Mason pipes up "deeyas! deeyas!" His Mom said "so these are the 'deeyaas' Mason talks about all the time! Every time he asks me for one, I pop it in the microwave and he won't eat it!" He says "No, Mrs. V's deeyaas!" These are my tools - skillet and spatula. I invested a whopping $3 in the 'big' spatula (left) and it's really great for quesadillas, omlettes, crepes, etc. I set the 'regular' spatula next to it so you could see the difference in size. Sorry - they are dirty - but they get used!!
Put your skillet on with the temp on high. A pat of butter and a tortilla. Add cheese (cheddar is the preference around here) and top it off with another tortilla. Just like a pancake - flip it when its nice and golden on the bottom. Take it off the heat when golden on the other side.

You can mix it up to your liking. I always add black beans and onion to mine. Yum - fast - yum. See - duh. Simple. They charge $6 for these at any mexican restaraunt!!!

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