Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Savvy Shopper/Groceries

I posted this on my 'family' blog - but since it has to do with food - I thought I'd pass this info along!!

I always get excited about a good deal. Who doesn't? Imagine going to the grocery store, spending $150 on groceries and saving OVER ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! On groceries I normally buy for my family. Without using a single coupon!! The cashier normally circles my savings at the bottom of my recipt and tells me how much I save. This trip, when she looked at the amount of money I saved - she looked shocked and said "Wow! You are such a great shopper!" I was absolutely beaming with excitement and pride!
My sister told me about this great way to save money on your groceries. I have always been a bargain shopper, but have avoided coupons. I don't have time to sit down, cut out coupons, make my grocery list... then the whole 'check out' hassle. While you pull out a big stack of coupons, everyone moans and groans and the cashier gives you the stink eye - all the while my 3 kids are going bonkers because I've spent so much time in the grocery store trying to match the fine print on the coupon to the right product. So - I have always avoided that route.This website has changed my life. There is no 'membership' fee - the site is completely free. I did create a login and password though, so I could save my grocery lists. But, you don't even have to sign up if you don't want to and you can still have access to the site.
Honestly - one of the greatest tools I have EVER found as far as making my life easier. The site is http://www.savvyshopperdeals.com/ don't be deterred by the 'home' page. They suggest you watch a few video's about the site and about their theory on saving money. I skipped right over all of that and decided that if I couldn't figure things out quickly, that it wasn't worth my time. My first visit, just to navigate my way around the site took about 20 minutes. Since then, I am comfortable with the site and have matched what is available with my needs. Since my second visit, it takes me about 15 minutes to make my grocery list. The best thing is that you DON'T HAVE TO USE COUPONS!
I'll tell you the system I've ended up with now - just for you to get an idea of how easy it is. From the HOME page, click on the tab SHOPPING WIZARD at the top of this page are several search critiera drop down lists. I select my STORE - Smiths. The computer generates a list of everything that is currently on sale at that store. Some stores have 'fresh value cards' that you have to use in order to receive the discount - but I have done 'fresh values' forever anyway. The site categorizes down to letting you select products that are 50% off or more - you can completey customize your list. You can also search for specific product on sale at all area grocery stores. FUGETABOWTIT!
You also have the option to print out coupons for more savings if you want to. So, I have committed myself to stricktly 'savvy shop.' Since I have a big walk in pantry and a second fridge, I stock up on things that are smokin' deals. After a few grocery trips, I'll have a huge selection of food - and have saved all that money!!!
I can't believe I ever shopped differently! Just to give you a couple of examples: right now Smith's has pork ribs (huge slabs) that normally sell for $17 - $20 per pack. They are on sell right now for $5 per pack!! So, I bought 4 packs for my freezer. They are also selling chicken that normally sells for $4.88 per lb sale price $1.88 per lb. I bought 4 'family packs' of chicken for just over the normal price for 1!!! Also Kelloggs cereal - normally $4 a box - on sale for $1.88 per box.
Also, since I was going off of a clear, printed list. It was one of the fastest grocery trips I've ever been on - and I had all 3 kids in tow. I was so proud of myself for saving so much money - and since I brought home a slew of ribs, my hubs was over the moon!!

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