Friday, June 19, 2009

Super Sweet Seven Layer Dip

I can't remember where I got this recipe - but man, is it good - and the kids LOVE the presentation and the taste!!

Super Sweet 7 Layer Dip
peanut butter (refried beans)
Nutella (even better than guacamole if you ask me!)
Marshmallow Creme (sour cream)
Shredded coconut (grated cheese)
Chocolate chips (black olives)
Salted peanuts (a salty instead of spicy jalepenos)
Gummies (Bears, worms, the sky is the limit. Sounds weird to add those at the end, but they represent all the colors in salsa!)
Nilla Wafers (Tortilla Chips)

The kids pick the gummies (I use worms just for the eewww factor kids love!) off and then scoop away til they lick the plate clean!

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