Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check it out!

Check out this blog I found today. She was featured on Good Things Utah. This lady is doing an ENTIRE year (yes, 365 days) of nothing but crockpot or slowcooker meals. If you ask me, this is my kind of cooking! Some of these recipes look absolutely mouthwatering and completely amazing! She has tried everything from desserts to baked potatoes, casseroles, enchiladas and SO MUCH MORE! Please give her a look over at least. I spent some of the day going through all 185 recipes and seriously found at least half that I am DYING to try. What is more... She has a rating and review system on every one of the recipes, and she is brutally honest. She has kids, which to us moms is a plus because she tells us if her kids will eat it! She gives tips on your individual crockpots, and lots more. It even is complete with pictures for almost every meal. I seriously can not wait to try this stuff! I hope you all enjoy!

check out her blog here

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