Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pesto Hamburgers

I had decided the menu for last evenings meal that morning. Hamburgers, Pasta and for dessert, ice cream with fresh picked blueberries and blackberries from our garden. When hubs got home for dinner - he presented a challenge (b/c he loves food just as much as I do!) "You make a hamburger your way, I make mine my way and we'll see who's is better." OKAY!

I had a lot going on (with the kids and the rest of dinner) so I quickly looked in the fridge, grabbed one of my favorite toppings (diced onions) and then had an epiphany - add pesto. So, I added onions to my liking and about 1 T of pesto to my raw meat - that's it. Incorporated and set it out for hubs to grill. Hubs ingredients were strickly undercover.

The taste test? He asked if we could switch burgers! haha. He made his with garlic and chipotle sauce. Which, by his account was good - but he agreed mine was better. The pesto in the burger madee it so moist (all that good EVOO) and added a depth of flavor to the meat that can't be replicated. It was very flavorful - but not overpowering. I'll be makin' those again and again!

*You can adapt this for ground turkey or tofurkey

What are your secret hamburger tricks or ingredients?

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