Monday, August 10, 2009


I have been trying several new recipes lately - trying to incorporate the local flare (New Mexican style/ingredients) into my cooking a couple of times a week. I love to try new cuisine, new flavor combinations and new ingredients.

With that said, I have tried 3 - count them 3 - chicken recipes that all had similar ingredients. One has lime juice and garlic, one has lime juice and honey, etc. SO - I decided to do a taste test with all the similar chicken marinades I've made lately:

Key Lime Chicken
Crock Pot Garlic Lime Chicken
Margarita Chicken

My family was happy to eat every single one of these meals - but the ingredients are slightly different in each - and prepared/marinated differently.

Since recieving a bad review on the CPGLC - I was so curious... maybe my taste buds don't discern small nuances in flavor as I had thought all along? And maybe my husband really will eat anything I set in front of him?? What was the world coming to?? I had to find out.

We did a blind taste test. Yes. I blind folded my 3 kiddos, hubs and myself to see which flavor, texture and composition we liked best (and I was sure to give small portions so they couldn't guess which one was the thigh and which was bscb).

The results?
Unanimous voting on all 5 counts.
LEAST FAVORITE: Crock Pot Garlic Lime Chicken.
4 year old said 'this tastes slimy'; 6 year old said 'it's really slippery - like gross' hubs put it best 'it is way to oily and fatty and the flavors are lacking' I said 'agreed - but why did we all like this when I made it the first time?' Hmmmm - pondering, pondering... later that night my husband asked 'what are you thinking about - you look so serious' I said that I was still thinking about the first time I made the CPGLC and how we all liked it - and with the same person, same family, same ingredients, same crock pot for crying out loud - how we could all feel so opposite? He went back into his office to finish up some work and I tried to put it out of my head. 20 minutes later he comes in triumphantly and says: I know the answer to your quandry. You DO? Matching dates that he has been in town with receipts (he must meticulously keep) he picked up "dry mustard and sudafed" in the same shopping trip. THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT ALL 5 OF US HAD HORRENDOUS COLDS! Then, I remembered thinking while eating the CPGLC - that I could finally breathe (thanks to the garlic I am sure). Mystery solved. Note to self. Do not post a new recipe if you have a cold, or the flu for that matter. I am sad to say, however, that this recipe will not be made in my house again - I guess it's about different strokes for different folks...

MIDDLE OF THE PACK Margarita Chicken
That is a good name for it. When I posted the recipe I posted "this is what I am going to make tonight - I am excited to try it" (After all it was a finalist on THIS blog's recipe contest) I should've gotten back on and updated it with a review. It was okay - nothing special - but not unedible. Everyone in the family ate their portions and didn't whine. That's right about middle for me.

THE WINNER Key Lime Chicken
I just posted it - I made it last week - but was afraid to post it until our little 'Chicken Challenge' was over. It has very subtle flavor - but enough flavor to please your palette. Also the combination of flavors works well together.

This is why your feedback is so crucial!!! You are only benefitting every single person who has or who ever will look at this blog. Share your feedback - and don't be shy - I am so glad my sister told me that she didn't like one of my recipes - how else would I have known??

Those are the standings SO FAR... Until the next CHALLENGE...

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