Thursday, August 6, 2009

Margaret Rose's Pasta Creation

My kids love to cook with me. Once or twice a month I will have each of them cook dinner for us. It has been really great for their self confidence and it has helped them be a little more independent. Something really easy - like my Chicken Tacos or my Mexican Lasagna or my Spinach Lasagna.

Anyway... I had my hands full this afternoon when she asked for lunch. I suggested she try to make something herself (I'm thinking 2 slices of bread with cheese in the middle). That is not what she was thinking. She held the refridgerator door open for a while hemming and hawing. Then she started retrieving ingredients. She moved a chair up to the island and starting creating. When she took her first bite - she said "Oh. My. Gooosh. This. Is. Good." and then asked if I would share her first 'creation recipe' on my Food Blog. So - this is just a proud Mama and excited 4 year old post. I didn't try it - so???

Margaret Rose's Pasta Creation
Cooked pasta (I always have this on hand for quick snacks or meals)
Bacon crumbles
Shredded cheddar (again - always have)
Diced cucumber (again...)
Ranch dressing

Mix it up, serve cold. You'll have to let me know if you try it - and what you think.

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