Monday, September 14, 2009

Kara's cupcakes

So first I have to apologize for being a total slacker. Thanks to Jen, this blog is single handedly still running. Anyway, I promised you all a review of KARAS CUPCAKES Raspberry lemonade cupcakes and Keylime pie cupcakes awhile ago. Well, I tried them and they were completely FABULOUS! They were a little time consuming because I made both at the same time, but both recipes were mouth-watering! I had several of my friends and family sample them and also my hubby's work was lucky enough to get in on the action too. It was split right down the middle as to which was everyone's favorite, but I really could not decide. They were SO good. I highly recommend that you all try her recipe of them both. You can find the Raspberry lemonade one HERE:and the key lime pie recipe HERE: EAT UP!

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