Monday, October 5, 2009

Potato Ham Chowder

This one's a goody. I make a HUGE batch - have it for dinner the day I make it - then freeze a 'family sized' container of it for a future meal and I also freeze little 'single servings' for quick lunches or snacks. I just use a Texas sized muffin pan to freeze them into individual servings - you freeze 'em and then do a very quick dip into hot water to pop them out.
This recipe is so SUPER easy - anyone can make it and everyone will love it:)

Potato Ham Chowder
One package of 'Creamy Potato - Bear Creek Soup Mix'
8 - 12 cups water - depending on how chunky you want your soup - I do 12 cups
Diced Ham or Bacon (amount is based on preference)
15 oz corn (you can use either fresh, frozen or canned)
1 medium onion, diced
1 28 oz bag Ore Ida potatoes O'Brian
Cheddar cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste

I have made this two ways (because I'm crazy like that)
1. Make soup according to package directions - then add all other ingredients and let simmer for an hour or so (you need to make sure that the potatoes are soft and that everything is heated through).

2. While the water is coming up to boil, I put the potatoes, ham, corn and onions in a skillet and cook them until the potatoes are done. I can usually do this pretty close to the time it takes the water to boil. Then make the soup according to package directions and add in all other ingred and serve right away.

Just depends on your schedule - I usually make it the #1 way when I know I'll need time away from the stove but still need to have dinner ready at a decent hour (I'll make it and then head out to Scouts - when we come home dinners ready - don't worry - I don't leave the soup/stove unattended) but it can just sit there and get nice and yummy without anyone having to worry about it.

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