Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheater Sample Menu

With Christmas right around the corner, things will be crazy busy so I am going to be using the best of my cheats this week.

Cheater Sample Menu
Monday: Aunt Leah’s Chicken Salad sandwiches (easy b/c I can make it whenever I have time)
Tuesday: Super Delicious Yum Yum and corn on the cob
Wednesday: Simple Salmon and steamed vegetables (a frozen mix)
Thursday: Kids Fav Cheese Quesadillas and black beans (from a can)
Friday: Hot Dogs and Baked beans (from a can)
Saturday: Tuna melts and Sweet creamed corn (from a can)
Sunday: Orange Chicken, egg rolls (both frozen from Costco and MAN are they good!) and jasmine rice

Hope this gives you a little inspiration and that this may make your busy week a little easier!

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