Saturday, January 16, 2010

Easy Pesto Veggie Pizza

This pizza is so quick and easy and, I promise you won't even know it's veggie.

1 package Knorr creamy pesto sauce
1 Boboli thin crust pizza crust
1 package frozen spinach defrosted (you can also use fresh spinach)
5 button mushrooms sliced
2 Morning Star sausage patties (already prepared in the microwave)
Mozzerella cheese

Prepare the pesto sauce according to the package and spread on your crust. Top with as much spinach and mushrooms as you would like. Then crumble the "sausage patties" on top and finish up with desired amount  of cheese. Bake according the the package directions on the Boboli crust. That's it! This is super easy, very yummy, and is completely vegetarian!

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