Monday, February 22, 2010

New take on Potatoes

I have to give the credit for this one to my friend Victoria, it is her creation.
4-5 Large Red Idaho Potatoes
Bacon Crumbles
Yellow onion
EVOO (Olive oil)
Spread foil out onto a large, deep cookie/baking sheet. Cut up onion and spread over foil. Cube potatoes into chunks about 1-2 inches in size.(smaller for less baking time). Drizzle olive oil over potatoes, you want them coated but not swimming in it. Salt and pepper and add Rosemary. Use hands to mix this together to make sure everything is coated and seasoned. Sprinkle generously Bacon on top of potatoes. Place another sheet of foil on top of potatoes and wrap the bottom and top foils closed. I cooked mine for about an hour and 15 min. at 400 degrees but I had rather large chunks of potatoes. **I checked them about every half hour though. You don't want to burn them. You may want to decrease the time if you are doing smaller potatoes. Cook until Potatoes are soft. Next time I think I will sprinkle cheese over the top of it when I am done with the no dairy diet. Yummy even without it though!

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