Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Good You'll Never Guess It's Good For You - Dip

With many people trying to start the new year in a healthier way - I have decided to add another LABEL - it'll be a "Diet" section - for all healthy or low fat recipes - I hope we get a bunch going!
I know that is a long name - but there are so many versions of 7 layer dips that I wanted this to catch your attention!!!

I decided to make a LOW FAT, FIBER FILLED awesome SuperBowl/party snack dip - so that everyone can snack during the game!

I made this for lunch today and didn't tell my husband that it was uber healthy. After he finished he said - man - what did you put in that - it's the best layer dip I've had!

So Good You'll Never Guess It's Good For You - Dip
1 can Refried Beans (uncooked) 0 fat
1 can Black Beans (drained and rinsed) 0 fat
1 can Pinto Beans (drained and rinsed) 0 fat
Fat Free Plain Yogurt (or you could use fat free sour cream) 0 fat
Salsa (not fresh) 0 fat
Lettuce (shredded) 0 fat
Weight Watchers Mexican Shredded Blend Cheese (5 g fat per serving)
Cayenne Powder
Black Pepper

In a casserole dish, spread refried beans on the entire bottom of the dish. Then sprinkle the black and pinto beans evenly over that. Eyeball the yogurt or sour cream and spread over the beans. Sprinkle yogurt with cayenne & black pepper & salt (if needed). Eyeball the salsa as well - spread over the yogurt. Layer lettuce and cheese (if using). Refrigerate until use. Serve with baked chips, reduced fat tortilla chips, whole wheat tortillas (burrito style - yum!) or whatever you can think of!!

*I would've also added a layer of diced green onions - but I didn't have any...

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