Monday, April 19, 2010

Goat Cheese With Figs

Yeah. Uh hu. I was at Costco last week and they were having their annual 'cheese tasting'. Since I love cheese so much that my middle name should be "Fromage" I had to taste all of them.

They were all good - but when I looked at the last cheese in front of me I thought figs?? Do I even like figs? Have I ever eaten a fig??

They had this goat cheese on a slice of LaBrea Rosemary Olive Oil bread. I thought - what the heck? If I don't like it - I'll just have another sample of a cheese I do like to counter act it.
I took a bite and fell in love. I am always extremely concious about samples. If my kids are with me, I let them have samples and I just try a small bite of theirs so that we aren't hogging all the samples. But once this delicious combination reached my pallet - all logic went out the window.

I went back SEVEN times!!!! Luckily for me there was always a big crowd so I could just do a quick drive by without being noticed - but SEVEN times? I was crazed with cheese desire.

On my last drive by, I heard one of the sample ladies say that they weren't going to restock these cheeses until the next tasting. I quickly grabbed 3 logs.

Of course, over the last week - I have eaten an entire log to my own (cheese) head - but I put the other two in the garage fridge to save for a party. And when that day comes - I will be the most loved person in all the land - this cheese is that good.

If your Costco isn't selling these little babies - you can find them HERE .

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This isn't a recipe. It is a trick I stumbled upon and want to share with you:)

My husband, my 5 year old and I really love salad. And although my 7 year old and my 2 year old love veggies - salad is not on their list of faves. I have always thought that Mr. 7 and Miss 2 didn't like salad because they are allergic to eggs - which takes out almost all dressing options. C'mon people - what is salad without the dressing???

A few weeks ago I was making Creamy Honey Lime Dressing and it hit me. What if I drizzled honey on Mr. 7 and Miss 2's salads as a dressing. I'm not talking about gouping it on (like so many of us do with our trusty Ranch dressings) but just drizzling it on so that they too can experience how wonderful salads are.

Since then, we have had a side salad almost every night and everyone's plates have been licked clean. Miss 2 said "you're right Mom, salad is crunchy and sweet - I love it!"

Give it a try - if your kids don't like typical salad dressings - this could be the key to getting them to eat their delicious veggies!!


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