Monday, April 19, 2010

Goat Cheese With Figs

Yeah. Uh hu. I was at Costco last week and they were having their annual 'cheese tasting'. Since I love cheese so much that my middle name should be "Fromage" I had to taste all of them.

They were all good - but when I looked at the last cheese in front of me I thought figs?? Do I even like figs? Have I ever eaten a fig??

They had this goat cheese on a slice of LaBrea Rosemary Olive Oil bread. I thought - what the heck? If I don't like it - I'll just have another sample of a cheese I do like to counter act it.
I took a bite and fell in love. I am always extremely concious about samples. If my kids are with me, I let them have samples and I just try a small bite of theirs so that we aren't hogging all the samples. But once this delicious combination reached my pallet - all logic went out the window.

I went back SEVEN times!!!! Luckily for me there was always a big crowd so I could just do a quick drive by without being noticed - but SEVEN times? I was crazed with cheese desire.

On my last drive by, I heard one of the sample ladies say that they weren't going to restock these cheeses until the next tasting. I quickly grabbed 3 logs.

Of course, over the last week - I have eaten an entire log to my own (cheese) head - but I put the other two in the garage fridge to save for a party. And when that day comes - I will be the most loved person in all the land - this cheese is that good.

If your Costco isn't selling these little babies - you can find them HERE .

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