Friday, December 17, 2010

Grilled Cheese Pizza Style

I was all out of ideas on what to make for dinner. My husband and I decided that I'd just make something easy and quick for the kids - and that we'd eat something delicious later in the evening. What did I do? Check our little food blog of course! And just like every time, I was inpired!!

Krystal gave us the original post and just as she promised - it was quick, easy and delicious! You can see her original post HERE

Grilled Cheese Pizza Style
Pizza topping (I used ham b/c that's what I had - but you can let your imagination go wild)
Bread - I used a ciabatta loaf cut length wise through the middle but you can use regular sandwich bread, french bread, etc.
Marinara Sauce

Butter butter on the down side of your bread. I used my George Foreman to make this "panini" style. Layer with cheese and ham (or whatever) the top with another slice of bread and butter that as well. Cook until cheese is nice and melted. Heat up your marinara sauce and serve in little bowls on the side for dipping!!

*One thing I wish I would've done differently - I should've layered cheese, doubled the ham and topped with another layer of cheese - that way both the top and bottom slices of bread "stick" together.

**As I said earlier - my hubs and I planned to eat something a bit more 'adult' later, but when my husband smelled what I was cooking - he couldn't resist. We ended up eating along with our kiddos and it was DELISH! My picky eater (Mr. 7 year old) even had seconds!!

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