Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are You A Supertaster?

My husband actually told me about this. He was out of town and needed a place to work on his computer to send emails and quotes as well as eat. He ended up at what he called "the nicest, cleanest, greatest, SUBWAY shop ever." It was pretty vacant (great for working) and they had a tv there tuned to the Rachael Ray Show. They had a segment titled "Are you a SUPERTASTER" that peaked his interest.

As I've said a million times - my son is honestly the pickiest eater on the planet. My husband and I have struggled through the years with that. We've done everything you can think of to get him to just eat his darned dinner!

After watching that segment, my husband thought to himself "WOW! I'll bet Jen and Jack are both Supertasters! It explains SO much!"

If you are a picky eater - or know someone who is - I strongly suggest checking out the link.

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