Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Personal Food Journal

A few weeks ago my husband was going to make one of the recipes I posted on this blog. He asked me "did you make any substitutions?" I said "just scroll to the bottom of the recipe. I always write my substitutions or add ons etc." "really?" "yeah. I'm pretty sure no one even looks at this blog anyway - so it's just become my own personal food journal."

Mr. Smarty Pants scrolls down and finds the 'traffic feed' gadget on the sidebar (which I completely forgot was even there) and corrected me "no, Jen. Look - other people do read this blog" I was very surprised. No one ever even comments!

So, now that I know this blog isn't just my personal food journal, I've decided to kick it up a few notches and am going to be doing a few fun things.

I started what will become a series on BASICS and have a few other ideas up my sleeve... stay tuned!!

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