Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Food Finds III

Another round of Food Finds - short and sweet - well, actually salty.

Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Chips. Flavors: Sea Salt, Salsa Fresca, Tangy BBQ, Parmesan and my personal fav - Sweet Chili. Really so good and super healthy... I get them at Whole Foods and my local gourmet market...
My husband and I had these chips (camping - see! gourmet camping peeps!) with salsa and my husband couldn't stop talking about the salsa. I told him that it wasn't the salsa - it was the chips. I was right (of course!) These chips are absolutely amazing. They add depth and flavor to anything you would normally serve with tortilla chips. The girl that bought these got them at Costco (in another state) but I found them at Smith's grocery store...

What are your fave food finds? Share!!

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