Tuesday, April 5, 2011

French Fries, Fry Sauce & Food Finds

That is 5 F's baby. I have had a hankering for French Fries lately. Like obsessed. Maybe my diet has been potato deficient for too long or something. Anyway... I've tried every single kind of frozen french fry out there (well, probably not - but I've tried many, many, many over the years) I finally found the perfect fry. I tend to go for "steak" fries - but these Ore-Ida's Extra Crispy Seasoned Crinkles are the bomb. I made hamburgers and french fries the other night and we were all so full from our burgers (more on that later!) that only a few fries were eaten (by me of course). I was bugged that all these fries were going to go to waste - b/c who eats left over cold fries?? But my husband suggested we have them for breakfast - sounded good enough for me.

We didn't use them for breakfast (but would've been delish). So, it's lunch time and I have to have fries. Like willing to go across town to my fav fry place to get some. Ridiculous. I looked in the fridge and saw the tupperware with our leftover french fries. I thought - what do I have to lose? Leftover French Fries Heat about 2 T EVOO in a sautee pan. When it's nice and hot - add your leftover french fries. Sautee them in the oil for about 8-10 minutes tossing them every 2 minutes or so. You end up with nearly perfect fries. They are nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle - almost as good as they were when they were originally made. Drain on paper towels - and eat!! I was so impressed! Who knew? On to the perfect fry sauce. I have posted here about fry sauce before - but I have perfected the stuff. Seriously. It involves this magic here... SIRACHA

Kicked Up Fry Sauce 2 parts Hellman's Mayonnaise 1 part Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce (Original) 1 t Siracha 1/2 t salt 1 t pepper Blend together and enjoy!! Great on burgers too!!

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