Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food Finds III

Another round of food finds! This'll be short and sweet.
First up - not really a 'food find' per se - parmesan cheese - the real deal. A hunk of it. I've been using fresh parm for a couple years now and you just can't beat it. Use your cheese slicer to shave a few pieces on any salad - or if you really want to pump up the flavor - use your vegetable slicer for a nice thick piece...
Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins - perfect snack - soooooper delish...
Provincio Black Pepper & Blue Cheese Panne (Bread). I have to tell you that I DO NOT like Blue cheese. It's a bit too pungent for me - but this bread is perfect. It doesn't taste like Blue Cheese - but the cheese adds a richness and a depth of flavor that is hard to describe.
I find this every once in a while at Costco - when they have it I usually get 3 loaves - one to eat soon and 2 to freeze - it really is that good...
Share your food finds!

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