Friday, August 31, 2012

Meal Planning 4

So here we are. Finally ready to decide what meals we are going to make for the week. I am going to plan out 2 weeks at a time.

When considering what meals would make this first list, I narrowed it down from my big lists of meals and sides based on what I currently have. I also chose meals with different kinds of protein throughout the week.

Sunday: Bacon Cheese Topped Chicken & Green Salad
Monday: Hamburgers & French Fries
Tuesday: Tuna Puff Sandwiches & Steamed Veg with Cheese Sauce
Wednesday: Stuffed Shells
Thursday: Spaghetti Carbonara
Friday: Left Overs/Date Night or Pizza
Saturday: Grilled BBQ Chicken & Broccoli Salad

Sunday: Cafe Rio Pork Salad
Monday: Bucatini and Broccolini Pasta
Tuesday: Swiss Chicken & Homestyle Baked Beans
Wednesday: Enchilada Bake
Thursday: Pork Burritos
Friday: Left Overs/Date Night or Pizza
Saturday: Salmon & Grilled Asparagus & Corn on the Cobb

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