Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meal Planning 5

Things are going REALLY WELL! So much better and easier than I imagined they would. I was a little worried that planning ahead would somehow stifle me - b/c I wouldn't have the option of making what I'm in the mood for. BUT - instead, I look at the refrigerator and see the list of this weeks dinners and start dinner about 5pm every night. I used to mill about the kitchen trying to decide what to eat - and now I DON'T DO THAT!!
Since I went through and did an inventory of all the food items I had, I knew exactly what I needed to buy at the grocery store for the week. Which made my life even easier - b/c once again, instead of milling around the grocery store thinking about what looked good, sounded good, etc. then getting distracted by shiny things that beg me to buy them... I knew exactly what to get and was in and out of there faster than ever. AND - this is MAJOR - I went grocery shopping on Saturday and haven't been back - it's Wednesday people. An honest to goodness miracle. I am going to try to go shopping once a week (for that weeks dinners) and then allowing one more trip to the store per week - to get fresh produce or milk. 2 times a week is the goal and I can honestly say that I'm feeling very confident about that little plan.

Have you started meal planning??

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