Monday, December 10, 2012

Jen's Chicken Noodle Soup

I've never liked chicken noodle soup. Growing up it meant soup from a can - YUCK! My brother and I flat out refused to eat it - so my Mom was forced to find something else to feed us when we were sick. She found Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodle Soup and my brother and I were in heaven. To this day, the only thing we like to eat when we are sick is Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodle Soup. We call it "Sick Soup" it makes us feel better. At any given moment, you can open my pantry and find at least 2 boxes of the stuff. My kids love it too.

We ALL got a horrible flu last week - all 6 of us. My 9 year old must've lost 5 lbs - he looked like a skeleton!! Thank goodness for tender mercies as I was the last to get it and the first to start feeling better. Once we determined that it was okay to eat again, my daughter asked me "isn't chicken noodle soup supposed to make you feel better?" Well, yes - but I knew we couldn't stomach that stuff in a can (haha - I'm so funny).

SO - I did a little recipe hunting to get ideas - then took a look at what I had on hand. From my research, it seems like egg noodles are used most often in the soup. We have an egg allergy in our house - so we never have egg noodles here. One problem... we only had spaghetti noodles. Light bulb moment - use the Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodle Soup. Man oh man was this soup good. I had 3 servings!! My daughter said "they're right! chicken noodle soup does make you feel better!!" A new favorite was born...

Jen's Chicken Noodle Soup
2 T butter
1 T extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion, diced
Carrots, amount and diced to your liking
Celery, amount and diced to your liking
1/2 t chopped garlic
Salt and pepper
3 T flour
48 oz chicken stock
1 bay leaf
1 rotisserie chicken - chicken removed from the bone
2 packets of Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodle Soup
Dash Tabasco*
Dash Worcestershire sauce*
1/4 c dill*

Melt butter in a large stock pot over medium heat. Add the olive oil, onion, celery and carrots and saute until the celery and onions are soft. The carrots will still have a little bite in them - but don't worry - they'll be perfectly soft when the soup is done. Add garlic and saute until fragrant (1 min). Stir in the flour one tablespoon at a time and stir frequently until it coats the vegetables and makes a paste and looks blonde. Gradually whisk in the chicken stock, making sure there are no lumps. Add the bay leaf, Tabasco, and Worcestershire. Let the soup simmer for 15 min.

Reduce the heat and add the chicken and the noodle packets** Simmer for 10 more minutes. Serve.

*These 3 ingredients sound unusual in a soup - but my hubs puts Tabasco sauce in most soups to add kick. A few weeks ago - I tried it too (only not nearly the amount he uses) and it really adds a depth of flavor when used in moderation - and doesn't add heat. The Wsauce does the same thing - it tastes like you've been slaving over the stove all day. The dill. Dill. I saw it on recipe I read and thought to myself - how weird. So, I didn't add it to the pot - but added a pinch to my bowl to try it out. I really liked it - and so did the 2 daughters that tried it too. So, if you are hesitant about these ingredients, don't be. Add the T & W and try the dill in a small bowl - then decide for yourself!!

**Most of the seasoning is in the bottom of the packet so dump the first one in - then pinch off the bottom third of the second packet - allowing lots of noodles out - but not as much seasoning.

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