Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Week

I'm trying to get back to meal planning - this time of year is so crazy busy - counting the days until school is out!!! Not doing specific meals for specific days - just have all the ingredients on hand and a list of what to make so I don't spend all day thinking about "what's for dinner"

Lots of new recipes!! It's getting really warm here so I don't want to spend time over a hot stove - or with the oven on! I'll add the links and then post my variation (if any) and pictures after I make them!!

Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing

Spicy Hawaiian Burgers
Use this recipe for the patty HERE add fresh pineapple grilled and pepper jack cheese

Spicy Shrimp Tacos using this recipe for the shrimp HERE and this Lime and Cilantro Coleslaw

Grilled Chicken and Creamy Cheesy Potatoes (dying here!)

Avocado and Black Bean Wraps

Southwest Chicken Salad

There you go!! When I meal plan, I try to use the same ingredients a few different ways (avocado, chicken) with staples I always have in my pantry (tortillas, quinoa, potatoes)

I'll post pictures and full recipes soon!!

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