Friday, April 11, 2014

April Fools Food Ideas

I realize April Fools came and went a week or so ago - but I want to get these ideas and pics in the book.

The "SUSHI BAR" rice kris pies, jelly worms, skittles, licorice, swedish fish…

Each child makes their own "roll"according to their tastes...
 Maisie is always the most creative and neat. She wants her faux roll to look just like a real one...
 Izzie is the greedy one. We don't eat a lot of candy around here - unless it's for a special occasion - so when she gets the chance - she goes for it!!

 Jack likes to keep his food separately - ALWAYS. Food doesn't touch another type of food on his plate - see those separations?

Kids favorite "jello" juice - I'm surprised that there is always on of them that fall for it every year...
 This lil one was super excited before she even knew what it was - "there is something red in my cup!"

Maisie made "cupcakes with frosting" which are really meatballs with sweet potato sauce

 Other fun things we've done in years past are hamburgers made by cutting cupcakes in half and decorating them with frosting, m&m's served with bread sticks rolled in butter then sugar and cinnamon. cut them in half and serve in half an envelope.

Last year I bought two new sponges and decorated them with frosting and sprinkles. First I had the kids try to each cut a slice. Then I sliced it in half and without getting the joke - they all took a bite!

I've done this one every year for several. Sometimes I do it the night before after the kids go to bed, sometimes I do it while they are at school, sometimes I do it while they are at extracurriculars - bc they don't know when to expect it - it always makes them laugh when they find all these goggly eyes on every single container in the fridge!!

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