Monday, October 12, 2015

Reworking Leftovers

…a personal on going battle for me. Why? Because… well… I don't do leftovers. I KNOW! Luckily my kids do - but an unfortunate side effect of my leftover snobbery is that after so many years together - my husband has also become somewhat of a leftover snob.

So - I am going to make this weeks meals a personal challenge for me to see how inventive I can get with the leftovers I have from the last couple days…

We recently had Cafe Rio Chicken, White Bean Chicken Chili, Green Chili Enchiladas (which you may notice I didn't follow that recipe exactly - but that's what cooking is all about!) and Sausage and Bow Ties in Vodka Sauce (which I make all the time but can't locate the recipe! I'll add it soon).

I am going to take the veg that was leftover from my Green Chili Enchiladas and turn them into a Frittata for tonights dinner! Stay tuned...

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