Monday, June 26, 2017

Go To Snacks

A friend posted on FB about new snack ideas as she is getting bored with their same old, same old. I started to answer - but then basically couldn't stop typing - so instead of boring her friends - I thought I'd jot my current snacks here.

To be honest, we just got back late last night from vacation and I was up for 21 hours unpacking and repacking my kids for another adventure that they left for this morning - without me! BOO! So. I'm skipping the individual servings this week - just wanted to show you what I have on hand.

Fruit and Veg

honey dew
snap peas
grape tomatoes

I usually put it in individual sized Tupperware and stick them in the large middle drawer on our fridge with individual Tupperwares of ranch or vanilla pudding for dipping. We also usually have individual packs of hummus, guacamole and cream cheese

We also do A TON of cheese - those awesome Tillamoo's they have at Costco are the best - but they also sell lots of different flavors of them at the grocery store. Costco also has individual packs of fresh mozzarella! 

Other Dairy/refrigerated items
hard boiled eggs (seen above with fruit and veg)
Go-go squeeze - both applesauce and the new yogurt flavors
Greek yogurt
Diced peaches

*Obviously - we also eat a lot of sandwiches!!*

Pantry items: blue smoked almonds, cashews, trail mix, pine nuts, sliced almonds, granola, craisins, Nutella (for sandwiches or fruit dip) - also dried fruit - mango, coconut, etc.

English muffin + peanut butter (or butter or Nutella) + sliced apples + cinnamon and sugar - broil for a couple minutes - SO GOOD!

This bowl is constantly brimming with fruit. My kids can go through a bulk bag of Cuties in 2 or 3 days. I like to switch it up so they don't get sick of one particular fruit. Also, if I see something we've never tried before - or haven't had for a while in the produce section - I'll pick it up just to keep us on our toes.
We eat avocado on toast, just with salt and pepper, with salad dressing, with eggs, lots of options.

I buy bulk muffins, English muffins and croissants... I have an amazing tip for you!!

I FREEZE them!! They never go bad before they get eaten! The croissants only take about 10 minutes to thaw on the counter - and the kids love to heat the muffins in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I throw those bagels straight from the freezer to the toaster. See those hamburger buns, dinner bread and mini pizzas? Brilliant...

AND I didn't even take a picture of our cracker selection!!! Which - is pretty impressive - I just counted 14 different kinds - I may have a problem...

So there you have it!! What are your "GO TO SNACKS?"


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