Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Our Bloggies & Looky Loo's

I know you are out there - and I know you are looking - but y'all are so quiet!

Please comment:) We would love to hear from all of you. Whether you think a certain recipe sounds good or when you make one of the recipes from our blog comment on whether or not you'll make it again - or on how you added/omitted different ingredients to customize them to your tastes. Or, if you have a similar recipe - let us know what makes your recipe different.

Comment on the newest post, so that everyone can benefit!
And just look at the blackberries from our garden! I have collected 3 bowlfuls of these over the last couple of weeks. I am freezing them until the vine is finished producing - then, I'll post my recipes for blackberry jam and blackberry syrup!

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