Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everything Else Is Gravy

We were out of town for Thanksgiving this year. After eating Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house, my sweet 8 year old asked if I could make our traditional Thanksgiving feast for Christmas dinner, and our traditional Christmas dinner for New Years Eve. That girl is such a foodie!! I agreed.

This year, I perfected my gravy recipe - FINALLY!!! WAHOO!! My husband (who is a gravy connoisseur) even said it's the best gravy he's ever had.

I made THIS TURKEY - took the turkey out of the roasting pan to be carved and took advantage of all those delicious drippings.

You will need:
Chicken Stock
A whisk
Salt & Pepper
& your aromatics from inside your cooked turkey (refer again to this recipe)

In your roasting pan, add 2 T of flour and 1/4 c chicken stock - whisk together to incorporate. Continue adding flour and stock little by little constantly whisking to incorporate - concentrating on scraping those lovely bits off the bottom of the pan. When you have the desired amount of gravy, pour it into a stockpot. Add your aromatics and simmer to allow the aromatics to incorporate their yumminess into the gravy - about 15 - 20 minutes (while I'm getting everything else on the table, carving the turkey, etc.)

Set a strainer or collander with small holes over a bowl to strain the gravy. Use a spatula to press all the liquid out and there you have it!! Best. Gravy. Ever.

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