Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Help

As we are both far away from home, my girlfriend and I are making Thanksgiving Dinner - the whole kit and kaboodle for our 2 families this year. We came up with the menu, did the shopping and are now feeling the excitement/anxiety of this huge Holiday Traditional Meal right around the corner - but feeling like we can't do anything about it because it is still a few days away!!

So - since I am the proactive gal I am - I got online this morning to find guidance from others who are far wiser than I am. Here is what I've come up with -

1. The Pioneer Woman rocks. I don't get over to her site very often, but I knew she'd have great advice on this holiday feast. I was not disappointed. I found her "Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule" very helpful.

2. I also cruised over to My Kitchen Cafe and found the coolest thing!! She did an entire week worth of posts called Thanksgiving 101 lots of great recipes and tips there too!

3. There is an amazingly comprehensive article here on What's Cooking America about How to Plan a Stress Free Thanksgiving Dinner keep scrolling down on this one - tons and tons of tips!
If you've come across another book/article/site that has helped you - please comment:)
Happy Cooking!!

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