Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Finds II

A few more food finds - that I've been using forever... so much so that I forgot they are "food finds" just b/c I've known about them for years doesn't mean you do! First up - Kirkland Cibo Naturals Fresh Basil Pesto. I divide this up into 1.2 cup Rubbermaid containers and freeze to use whenever dinner needs a little brightning up! Next - Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes (Julienne Cut). I buy the 2lb size. I divide about half the bottle of julienne cut tomatoes into these neato Rubbermaid 1.2 cup size containers. The cool thing about these containers is that they have screw on lids - so you know it has a good seal. Then, I take the other half of the tomatoes and use my immersion blender to blend them up and divide them between the same 1.2 cup containers. I put one of each the julienned and blended containers in my fridge and the rest go in the freezer. They only take a couple of hours to defrost in the freezer to be used. I use them for appetizers and for most anything I use tomatoes in - marinara sauce, lasagna, stuffed chicken, etc. I like to make my own breads - but I don't always have time. That is where these babies come in. Le Petit Francais Baguettes. I buy them in the frozen foods isle in a box of 10. Each pack has 2 baguettes. You get them out of your freezer and thaw them on your counter for 15 minutes. Then cook at 400 degrees for 8 minutes - what could be easier? Oh - AND they are fat and sugar free:)
Hummus. Yummus. This is my favorite kind. I often add a bit more pine nuts to it - b/c I love a bite.
There you go!!

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