Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day

Have you thought about what you are going to eat on Valentine's Day yet??

My husband and I don't subscribe to the idea that our love should be celebrated once a year by giving each other gifts - not even when we were dating. SO, around here... Valentines Day is about the kids. 

These are a few fun things I did for the kids last year. Heart shaped quesadillas and strawberries for lunch...

 Apples, carrots, cucumbers and more strawberries for snack
 Heart shaped pizza (from Papa Murphy's $4.99 each!)
 Berry sorbet and sprite in fancy glasses with pizza for dinner... I generally stick to that kind of cheesy stuff for the kids.
 BUT, I just saw these little cuties on Pinterest and thought HOW FUN! They are so darling. Maybe I'll amp up our "Sweethearts Dinner" this year and surprise everyone:)
The recipe can be found HERE. If I make them I'll just do my usual (often requested) roasted potatoes HERE.

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