Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet Pepper Snacks

Atleast once a month I grab a big bag of sweet mini peppers at Costco for a healthy, crunchy, tasty, juicy snack.

I make them the way they are pictured. Cut off the tops and remove the seeds, fill with a dab of cream cheese and top with chives or any herb I have on hand. My kids mack these up! In fact, my 3 year old absolutely couldn't even wait for me to take a picture - so I had to wait until she was sufficiently satiated. These are the last few that hadn't been devoured (yet)...

Sweet Pepper Snacks

Sweet Peppers

Cream Cheese


Cut off the tops of the sweet peppers and clean out the seeds. Squeeze a little dallop of cream cheese into each pepper and top with whatever herbs you have on hand. I usually use chives - today it was parsley. My son likes them sans herbs but with a little salt.

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